Our one of a kind hand made waist beads, are made with a elastics cord for easy and comfortable wearing, for all sizes some are pre made and special order. All waist beads strung on elastic string to hang loosely on the hips or waist. The string is elastic to enhance the sound as well as for comfort and makes them easy to slip on and off, and wearable in the pool, at the beach, or in the shower.

Waist beads, also known as belly beads are an ongoing ancient African tradition. The strands of beads that adorn a woman's midsection are to celebrate different milestones in a child's, or woman's life.

Waist beads have many functions, not only do they boost your self-esteem and awareness of your body and inherent sensuality, they can also be worn to celebrate femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, poweizesr, balancing, attracting and keeping a mate, rites of passage, rejuvenation, initiations, first menses, energy, body shaping, to promote good blood circulation, sexual enhancers, and protection among other things.

Waist beads can also aid in weight loss and maintenance - when you lose weight, they become loose, and when you gain weight, they become tight. Worn by women at different stages, ages, and weight, waist beads can have healing properties when made with good intention and healing stones.

Waist beads are an age-old African tradition Waist beads can also be anointed with special oils and herbs that will be absorbed into the skin for healing purposes.

Traditionally waist beads are worn under clothing by African women but are also worn outside of the clothing in some parts of Africa.

Traditionally two or more waist beads are adorned on the waistline.

When choosing your size think of where you want to wear your beads. Some women prefer to wear them on their waist and others like them on their hips.

Size Range

XS  23-26
S    28-30
M   32-34
L    36-38
XL  40-42

*How to Wear*

These belly beads are awesome because of their versatility. They are made specifically for wearing around the hips, but because of their stretch, you can easily put them around your neck as a long hanging necklace, double it around your neck for a shorter look, wrap around your wrist as a layered bracelet, or even around your ankle as an anklet. The possibilities are endless.