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Iced out 7 Chakra

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Iced out 7 Chakra bracelet is Reiki , Energy, Om, pride , Protection, Unisex StackableYoga Mediation Healing bracelet 

Fit for a King or Queen

These bracelet are made with Matte white quartz, hematite, blue jade and pave beads symbolizing the seven chakras of human knowledge and unity.

These charming bracelet is suitable for anyone who enjoys yoga or a healthy lifestyle.

These bracelet are comfortable, made with Love, Compassion and Positive Energy.

Red Chakra - Muladhara - the center of life energy
Orange Chakra - Svadhistana center of sexual energy
Yellow Chakra - Manipura - the center of strong-willed energy
Green Chakra - Anahata - the center of emotional energy
Teal Chakra - Vishudha - center of creative energy
Blue Chakra - Ajna - the center of spiritual energy
Purple/Violet Chakra - Sahasrara - the center of divine energy