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Purple Water Color Rectangle Pendant

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Purple Water Color: is a unique purple and white swirled pendent , colors swirled together forming the water color look

all polymer clay designs are one if a kind ... none will be the same

An abstract Swirl pendant with a silver bead in it. There is a heart motif among all the has been handmade by me using polymer clay. It is presented in a cord necklace.

* The pendant is 2. 5 inches long
• Total weight is less than 1 ounce
• Includes Black hemp cording for the necklace

I make an initial cane from polymer clay and then cut thin veneers to attach to a complimentary color to back the pendant or have a thick chunky slice for the pattern to be on both sides. After baking the pendants and charms are sanded and buffed to a shine. Some pieces will have a matt finish the clay in its natural state.

Each piece is unique and there are natural variations in the work due to it being handmade. Each piece will be completely organic I play with the clay and it becomes what ever it desires to be. the colors may be alter by the screen.